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Frequently Asked Questions

You Ask — We Answer

What is your admission procedure?

Great Hearts will complete a screening process once a service is booked or a referral is made. You can email to learn more about booking our services. You can also book right here on our site.

What mental health services do you provide?

Although we don't provide psychotherapy and counseling services, Our program highlights and focuses on the many areas of mental & behavioral health. Learn more here

How do you help families?

Depending on the need of the child or individual, Great Hearts can provide a variety of resources to families to enhance the life and well-being. (Employment resources and opportunities included). Parental trainings also offered.

Do you accept insurance?

We are currently in the process of setting up accounts and partnerships with various insurance companies so that we can serve those who are unable to pay out of pocket. 

WE ONLY ACCEPT HUMANA-TRICARE Insurance for certain services.

We also have a self-pay policy for all other services, meaning you must pay via cash, check, money order, zelle or paypal if your Insurance company is not supported. 


What subjects does Great Hearts Staff Tutor?

Great Hearts has tutors who specialize in Reading, Writing, Spelling/Grammar and Math. We provide our own lesson plans and we allow time to assist with Homework.

What if I have a crisis?

We provide online Crisis support. If you or a loved one calls or texts, we will explore various coping techniques and/or report cases..


Our team is consists of 

EXPERIENCED Professionals & Interns who take pride in De-escalating challenging situations. Please note that we are mandated reporters so if someone is in danger, further action may be taken. 

If you feel like our crisis prevention techniques will not help you, dial 911 IMMEDIATELY!

We are not your THERAPIST(S) but we do want to HELP!

How do I get Housing?

We only provide case management services. However, if eligible, you may be able to apply for a room at a partnered Host Home.

What is your Business/Mailing Address

Our Headquarters is located at 3900 Crown Road SW #16709
Atanta GA, 30304. However, we provide online services and go out into the community. 

What does the Pantry provide?

We provide food and clothing. Submit a request and you may be selected to receive clothing/food items. To donate, please email us.

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